Domestic Rewires


Wiring is something that most homeowners will never think about – until they need it altering or replacing. Many of us take the infrastructure that powers our properties for granted, but old or faulty electrics can wreak havoc if left untouched. Meanwhile, when planning an extension or redesigning the layout of your house, domestic rewiring is an essential stage in the process.

CRE Electricians is a trusted choice for domestic rewires, working alongside homeowners and landlords to deliver hassle-free solutions for electrical jobs on any scale. We’ll ensure you receive the best rewiring solution for your needs, at the lowest possible price.

Full and partial domestic rewires

Rewiring is the first step to safer, more intuitive electricals. Perhaps you’re installing new lights, or fitting plug sockets for your attic conversion. Our experienced domestic electricians can advise on whether you need a full or partial rewire, how best to go about it, and how it will tie in with other aspects of your project, like installations.

We’re happy to co-ordinate around your schedule, whether you’re planning to have the job completed while you’re on holiday, or when you’re at work. We’ll also do our utmost to minimise mess and dust, leaving your house spick and span.

Rewires for rental properties

The prospect of rewiring is enough to strike dread into landlords, but CRE is here to make the process swift and painless for you and your tenants. If you’re planning to undertake domestic rewires between lettings, we can fit around your timescales, ensuring that any work to the property doesn’t disturb occupants.

For extensive improvements, our NAPIT registered electricians will also ensure that your wiring complies with the Building Regulations, especially for new installations such as central heating.

By partnering with a team of fully qualified domestic electricians, who understand the priorities and obligations of landlords and property managers, you can be sure that your tenants are satisfied for years to come, free from the risk of faulty electrics.

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